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The following sites will be of interest to those who collect or restore older shortwave and amateur radios.

COLLINS: WA3KEY Virtual Collins Radio Museum
A great source of information on this most prestigious line of amateur radio equipment.

DRAKE: Drake Virtual Museum
This site created by JM Cherry of Brussels, Belgium is now hosted by Sindre Torp, LA6OP of Norway. It has information on virtually every Drake radio product.

EDDYSTONE: Eddystone - Classic British Receivers
An account of the development of Eddystone Radios, from the earliest days to the end of the valve radio era in 1973.

EDDYSTONE: Eddystone User Group
An organization that promotes a wider interest in Eddystone equipment, to provides a forum for exchanging information among Eddystone Users and compiles information on Eddystone radios and their history.

GRUNDIG: Grundig Satellit Radios
The famous Grundig Satellit series began in 1964. Visit this site, hosted by Knut Otterbeck of Norway, for the Satellit story.

HALLICRAFTERS: Chuck Dachis - The Hallicrafter Collector
This site belongs to Chuck Dachis who literally wrote the book on Hallicrafters!

HALLICRAFTERS: LA5KI Hallicrafters Gallery
Loads of photos and information on all Hallicrafters products.

This website, hosted by Charlie Hugg K5MBX, features a Hallicrafters virtual museum.

HAMMARLUND: Hammarlund Historian Web Page
Learn about this classic line of ham radio.

HEATHKIT: Heathkit Virtual Museum
If you ever built a Heathkit, you will enjoy this site.

KNIGHT KIT: The Knight Kit Page
This site is for anyone with an interest in Knight Kit.

RADIO MUSEUM: The Virtual Radio Museum
This website covers old radios and antique radios for collectors not limited to shortwave. Especially strong on table radios made in Germany, Austria and Switzerland radios.

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