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Icom IC-PCR1000

Wideband Computer Communications Receiver Rating (1-5): HHHH (4)
Made In: Japan 1997-2001 Voltages: 12.8 VDC 0.7A
Coverage: 100 kHz - 1.3 GHz Readout: PC Computer 0.001
Modes: AM/SSB/CW/WFM/NFM Selectivity: 15/6/2.8 kHz
Circuit: Double Conversion Physical: 5 x 7.9 x 1.2" 2.2 lbs.
Features: S-Meter Indicator, Unlimited Memories, Voice Scan, IF Shift, Clock, AGC, Packet Jack, Band Scope 200 kHz, Attenuator, Scan, Sweep, NB, Speaker Jack, Squelch, Unlimited Memories.
Accessories: UT-106 AF DSP Option, OPC-131 DC Cord.
New Price: $400-600 Used Price: $250-300
Comments: Requires a PC with at least a 486x4 CPU and Windows 3.1. The American version PCR1000-02 has cellular frequencies blocked. Later version PCR1000-02 BON additionally includes Bonito software. Simpler model PCR-100 (introduced in late 1998), does not include SSB or real-time band scope.
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Icom IC-R70

Icom R70
General Coverage Communications Receiver Rating (1-5): HHHH (4)
Made In: Japan 1982-1984 Voltages: 100/117/220-240 VAC
Coverage: 100-30000 kHz Readout: Digital Fluor. 0.1
Modes: AM/SSB/CW/RTTY Selectivity: 6/2.3/_ kHz
Circuit: Quadruple Conversion Physical: 11.3 x 4.4 x 10.9" 16 lbs.
Features: " Head. Jack, S-Meter, PBT, Preamp, IF Notch, AGC, BFO, Attenuator, Tone, Preamp, Dual VFOs, Squelch, Dimmer, NB, Scope Jack, Monitor, Line Output Jack, Dial Lock, RIT, Converter Input Jack.
Accessories: FL-63 CW Filter, FL-44 SSB Filter, EX-257 FM Mode Option, SP-3 Speaker.
New Price: $600-700 Used Price: $360-390
Comments: A very good receiver, especially for CW and SSB, but a bit quirky and complex to operate, especially at the edges of the 1 MHz bands.
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