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Sony ICF-SW7600GR

General Coverage Portable Communications Receiver Rating (1-5): HHHHH (5)
Made In: Japan 2001-2008 Voltages: 6 VDC or 4xAA
Coverage: 150-30000 kHz +FMS Readout: Digital LCD 1.
Modes: AM/SSB-CW Selectivity: One Position
Circuit: Double Conversion Physical: 7.5x4.75x1.3" 1.5 Lbs.
Features: Mini Head. Jack, Tone Switch, 100 Memories, Sweep, Record Jack, Fine Tuning, Clock-Timer, Up-Down Tune, DX-Local, Dial Lock, LED Tune Indicator, 9/10 kHz MW Step, External Antenna Jack, Keypad, Dial Lamp, Dial Lamp Switch, Sleep, Synchronous Detection and variable RF attenuator.
Accessories: AC Adapter, DCC-E345 Car Battery Cord
New Price: $170-230 Used Price: $110-130
Comments: Supplied with vinyl case and windup antenna. Operates from four AA cells. The least expensive receiver to feature synchronous detection.
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